Infographic: The Vancouver Heritage Register

Vancouver Heritage Home Infographic


What is the Vancouver Heritage Register?

The Vancouver Heritage Register recognizes and protects historically and architecturally significant buildings and places in Vancouver

20 – Minimum age of a building to be put on the register

151 years old – Oldest Heritage building in Vancouver as of 2018 (Hastings Mill Store)

2200 – Approximate number of Heritage buildings in Vancouver

Types of Heritage Buildings:

A – Primary Significance:

  • Buildings with deep historical value
  • Where significant events occured
  • Where significant individuals lived
  • Exceptional examples of historical building styles

B – Significant

  • Early Vancouver architectural styles
  • Late 19th to early 20th century Craftsman, Edwardian and Vernacular style buildings

C – Character and Streetscape

  • Examples of historical building styles
  • Designation is often shared by neighboring homes, recognizing the block’s value as a heritage streetscape

Heritage protections and compensations:

Many (but not all) Heritage “A” and “B” homes are protected by the city government, making it difficult to get approval to demolish the home, and requiring extra reviews to be performed before doing any significant renovations. The City and Heritage Foundation have tools at their disposal to compensate owners for any inconvenience this may cause:

Heritage Revitalization Agreements: The City of Vancouver may provide permit relaxations to building owners to to renovate and expand their heritage dwellings. This may take the form of higher floor space ratios or giving approval for secondary buildings. While the owner may find it difficult to demolish or alter the building, they may be able to make approved changes that would otherwise be impossible with standard permit approval processes

Heritage Restoration Grants: The Vancouver Heritage Foundation offers a large number of grants to homeowners looking to renovate buildings. These Significant awards can be up to half the cost of a project! Separate grants are provided for general restorations, historically accurate repaintings and energy retrofittings.

Non-Heritage Character Homes: Many pre-1940 homes not on the Heritage Register in the City of Vancouver qualify as “Character Homes”. Although there are no laws preventing their alteration or demolition, the City has offered a number of “retention benefit” bylaws that encourage owners to restore, renovate and expand the buildings, rather than demolish them. Qualifying homes can build larger expansions and secondary buildings, and even stratify their homes into duplexes and triplexes!


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